Superyacht Stars, Celebrities, Royalty and Cyclists Team Up To Help Protect The World’s Oceans

The current preview of The Largest and Most Expensive Must-See Superyachts That Will Be At The Upcoming Monaco Yacht Show will always get a fair bit of attention simply because: superyachts are sexy, Monaco is exquisitely exclusive, and nearly everyone (no matter how wealthy they are) wants to know what it’s really like aboard a 360-foot private yacht.

Obviously, it’s no secret that owning a superyacht comes with ahem… privileges. But, now that the 1,000-mile-long London to Monaco bike ride has kicked off for the second year in a row to raise funds for the BLUE Marine Foundation, the secret is also getting out that many members of the superyacht community care about preserving the world’s oceans too. And they’re spending real money to do something about it…


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